"...youre in good fighting form; this latest cascade of portraits are stellar!"
Mick Wiggins, Illustrator

"Fiedlers mixed-media paintings cover a larger range and leave more room for the viewer to come to an independent conclusion. "
Andrew Sargus Klein

"Fiedlers Magic is an infusion of contemporary drawing and collage-style juxtaposition, a visual language that at the time of writing is right-on trend. "
Alan Male, author

"lovely illustrations Joseph! Thank you for sending your art my way."
Micah Fluellen, Features Art Director LA Times

"Terrific! Prolific! Ur Chuck Close rocks!"
Jim Curl, 405 Group

"Joseph Daniel Fiedlers mixed media works on paper and canvas explore the natural world and man’s place in it. Some paintings parody the field-and-stream school of mantelpiece art, while others imagine a world in which ducks heads grow on foliage or plants imitate bird forms. "
DeWitt Cheng, Curator Stanford Art Spaces

"Here is an engaging and informative picture book biography, lushly illustrated by award winning artist Joseph Daniel Fiedler..."
Google Books

"Fiedlers stately pictures emulate the feel of ancient Egyptian artwork and make this historical figure all the more real and intriguing. "
Publishers Weekly

" "...a lavishly illustrated biography." "

"You are still and have always been one of the most interesting people Ive ever known."
Joseph Michael Essex, SX2, Chicago

"Perfectly encapsulates the story! That's what you do so well! "
Ellen Lutwak, Los Angeles

"Youre in the elite, talent wise."
Dale Stephanos, Illustrator

"His work is smart, well considered and I consider him an important artist in our business!"
Gary Taxali, Illustrator

"You have a unique vision, Joseph. I love it!"
Gary Cooley, Illustrator

"you are so fucking badass my friend!"
Louisa Bertman, Illustrator

"Im always inspired by your work. "
Jeffery Allan Love, Illustrator

"So rad! Im loving it! You are kicking some major illustration ass my friend."
Charles Glaubitz, Illustrator

"I wrote the most recent essay in L.A. Affairs and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED the artwork that accompanied the story, so thank you very much! "
Natalia Lusinski, The Los Angeles Times

"Your sketchbook pages and drawings are gorgeous!"
Yuko Shimizu, Illustrator

"Joey, youre an established iconoclast. Ill drink an ale for you tonight and celebrate the maturity of your art and how effortless you make it all look."
Rob Dunlavy, Illustrator

"Your work is incredible... its pure genius and beauty. Really brilliant."
Goldie Ostrow, Redshift.

"You have expanded my knowledge of the art scene more than you know. You are an inspiration. "
Chuck Roller, Seattle, WA

" Youve really mastered the combination of expressive painting/drawing with digital techniques."
Joe Ciardiello, Illustrator

"Deeply spiritual: Ive enjoyed your work for many years."
Robert Neubecker, Illustrator

"... powerful, psychologically probing portraits. I love your approach to painting and image making. Always the right colors applied the right way. You command this realm. You rock Joseph. You constantly inspire me "
Victor Juhasz, Illustrator

"A portrait is art as psycho-drama. Only in the hands of someone with the right combination of skills does that actually take place on paper or pixels. You are one of those people, Crossing the line with power, JF. Great. "
Steve Brodner, Illustrator

"The pie turned out great! So did your illustration. Wish everyone was like you! Joseph! Love your posts...They need a love button on Facebook. "
Wes Bausmith, The Los Angeles Times

"Youve hypnotized me...love that arm between her legs. Gorgeous, fresh and exciting work Joey! Fantastic! "
Jody Hewgill, Illustrator

"Fuckin A!"
Eric Gernhauser, New Orleans Picayune

"I adore your illustration of my article. "
Sally Satel, New York Times

"I felt fascinated, since you were able to portray my experience in a way that really spoke to me. "
Eva Schlesinger, SF Chronicle

"Your illustration is great! As the writer, I especially appreciate the nuances you tucked in everywhere! "
Joan Springhetti, The Los Angeles Times

"If Joseph Fiedler wasnt one of the worlds greatest living illustrators hed probably be a documentary film maker."
Robert Zimmerman, Drawger.com

"You are a very great artist...You are the best illustrator I ever saw draw...I want to be an artist when I grow up... I hope Im as good as you!"
West View Elementary School 4th Grade, Pittsburgh, PA

"Fiedler produces exquisite artwork; the landscapes are magically transporting while the lustrous colors radiate an antique, spiritual quality."
Kirkus Reviews

"Joseph is a brilliant painter; his work resonates with emotion and intelligence. It is refined, humane, layered and meaningful. His concepts are fresh and his approach unique. Those paintings are among my favorites by any artist."
Anne Telford, Communication Arts Magazine

"...wonderful, the colors are great, the painting is rich and the drawing is exquisite. I really love it!"
Dorothy Yule, San Francisco Chronicle

"Densely hued paintings of almost theatrical tableaux. "
Publishers Weekly

"...your work is so inspiring!"
Cathie Bleck, Illustrator

"What a beautiful thing... sad & funny and a joy to the eyeball."
Elwood Smith, Illustrator

"I really do love your work...Ive always been really into it and it makes it even better that you are a nice guy."
Gina Triplett, Illustrator

"...smart, peculiar, bizarre, and funny...you are on the cutting edge man... yeah, yeah, yeah!"
Amanda Krugliak, Univ. of Michigan Institute for the Humanities

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Welcome to Joseph Daniel Fiedler Art - Painting and Illustration. As an award-winning, independent freelance artist-illustrator since 1973, Joseph Daniel Fiedler (Scary Joey) has produced art and illustrations that have appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. Fiedler has illustrated children's books, and received a Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York. Many leading professional Journals and organizations have recognized Fiedler's paintings and illustrations. Fiedler's personal paintings have been exhibited at galleries in Germany, Japan, and throughout the United States. As a pedagogue, Fiedler has taught painting and illustration at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA and at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI. Fiedler's use of material and imagery make his art very traditional but he prefers to think of it as Neo-traditional. Casual, sketchy drawing, deliberate surface defacement, sanding, scratching, layering and collage put the image into a kind of frame, an historical reference. What he does is create a simulacrum of something that he's seen before, reproduced somewhere, buried under layers of yellowed varnish and partially torn. Not surprisingly, the suggested retro look and feel of generic, vernacular art of the late 1940's and '50's relates to the time in which Fiedler grew up. Fiedler has lived in Pittsburgh, PA, Tokyo, Japan, Taos, NM, Detroit, MI and now resides in Grass Valley, CA. Click here to learn about Joseph Daniel Fiedler, browse portfolios, and view past and current exhibitions. scaryjoey.com